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About Marite Norris


Artist at workMarite Norris is an Australian born artist who has been working in photographic art since 2003 and has held a number of exhibitions, in Perth, and Hong Kong, where she is currently based.


Marite is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Art at University of Western Australia. Marite commenced this degree in 2008 and received a letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Art in congratulation for outstanding achievements.


Prior to this, Marite completed an Arts degree in Literature and Women’s Studies at University of Western Australia. She trained as a special effects make up artist in London where she lived for five years. There, she worked in film and theatre, predominantly through an association with the Masters in Scenography Programme at St Martin’s College of Art and Design.


Marite’s work is about expressions of the human condition - ordinary people in culturally diverse situations. Her art illustrates the strengths, vulnerabilities and differences in individuals with a particular focus on women. Marite’s photographs often sometimes seem like surreal situations and some are crammed with sexual innuendo and different images.


Some pieces and their quirks, the tear drops like religious icons, the showgirl glitter lipstick, reflect Marite’s passions: experimental make up, eclectic cultural images and all things kitsch and theatrical. The technique of printing the pieces onto canvas using pigments and inks enhances the natural depth of the subject matter and the clarity of the composition.


Marite is currently in the process of opening her own art space, the Art Space Collective in Perth, Western Australia.

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