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Dwelling on the fringes of the slightly zany, the slightly weird & wonderful, is a girl immersing herself in a cacophony of experiences, some a little left of centre but all of which have served to make her the unique artist that she is today. A girl compelled to soak up every inch of her experiences, not merely content with the having of them alone - as most of us might be - but a girl who then manages time & again to turn the most captivating of these experiences, held closely in her heart… quite literally, into her art.


The mediocre has never been for Marite & her art is a true reflection of her passion for travel, culture, history & a curiosity that is seemingly unending. In her latest artistic endeavour, Marite has brought a vibrancy & culturally rich tone to the medium of paper collage - an achievement which has taken hours of experimentation & refining of technique with results that will be sure to leave a very definite impression. Whilst her Hong Kong base has lent itself to continuing photographic interests, it has also served as catalyst for a new found appreciation of textile & artefacts. With the inclusion of metallic paints, gold leaf & strong custom made Chinese framing, these collages are entirely unique & one off pieces. You may never look at a collage the same way again!


From an early academic background in Literature, to the study of Theatre Make-Up in London, and more recently the continuation of a Fine Arts degree, it might be fair to say that Marite likes to keep herself busy! A melting pot mind bursting with ideas leaves no room for complacency & given any opportunity Marite will be only too happy to share her latest ideals, inspirations & thoughts with all willing listeners.


Marite has previously showcased her works at several exhibitions in Perth including FotoFreo 2010, where she was honoured by having her photograph Wallpaper, selected for promotional & media works for the event. Her exhibition The Yorkway Scene - depicting her time in Kings Cross London where she was continually inspired by the friendships she formed & by the very colourful & eye opening experiences of her time there - opened in 2008 to a packed gallery of interested, intrigued & curious faces.


On her return to Perth in 2013, Marite will be busy putting the finishing touches to her latest exhibition & working towards opening her very own studio & gallery space. As for rest, well there's sure to be none for this wicked woman & I for one, cannot wait to see the results.


By Denise Rix